Bookworm Problems: Judging a Book by Its Cover

We’ve all heard some variation of the platitude “you can’t judge a book by its cover,” but I think we can all admit that we, in fact, do judge books by their covers. I know I do it, and I recently talked to some fellow bookstagrammers, and they all admitted to it as well. But can you really blame us? We’re only human, and humans are predominantly visual creatures.

It’s not that an ugly or amateurish cover will stop me from reading a book, but it’s definitely not going to draw my eye like the brightly-colored, amazingly-designed cover next to it. When you go to a bookstore or library, unless you’re looking for something specific, you browse by sight, so a unique, pretty, colorful, professional, etc. cover is going to grab your attention over the drab offerings around it. And if you’re more inclined to pick up the visually-pleasing book, it’s likely you’ll expect it to contain a higher quality story within its pages.

Unfortunately, this can quickly become a problem. Because if you only ever pick up the books that you find aesthetically pleasing, you’re sure to miss out on some great stories. And, a pretty cover and snappy summary do not mean that the book will be great. I should know . . . I’ve been let down by some rather beautiful covers, recently. At least they still look good on my bookshelf and in the Instagram photos, right? 😂😂😂

Have you recently been duped by a beautiful cover?



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