Book Review – Heartless

IMG_20170301_220400_621.jpgI know, I know. I said I’d be back to my scheduled posts this week, but that obviously didn’t happen. My brother graduated from university today, and I forgot how much my family loves to spend time together. This is literally my first moment alone since I woke up this morning (well, not counting my morning shower!). So, I’m a bit behind with my posts, and I’m hoping to play catch-up over the next couple of days. Up first, a book review!

Heartless is the first book I’ve read by Marissa Meyer, but this book has inspired me to add her other work to my ever-growing tbr list!

The story is basically the origin story of the Queen of Hearts, a story of love and loss, promises made and broken, friendship, and betrayal. . Catherine dreams of opening a bakery with her dear friend, but fate does not seem to favor young Cath. Nor does her mother, who wants Catherine to be Queen, and her mother is quick to point out it’s not seemly for a queen to spend her days covered in flour, even if her lemon tarts are the best in Wonderland. Her delectable delicacies (and the not-so-subtle dealings of her mother) draw the attention of the King. Not that Cath wants anything to do with the King, especially after she meets Jest, and he introduces her to a world she’s never before experienced.

It was an enjoyable read, I only wish the pacing were a little bit better, and sometimes I think the descriptions were overdone/drawn-out. That might just be a personal preference, though!

Overall, I give this book 3.5/5 flowers, and I look forward to reading more by Marissa Meyer in the future!


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