5 Authors I Can’t Get Enough Of

I don’t know about anyone else, but when someone asks me who my favorite author is, my mind summons a list nearly a meter long. I can give you a list of my favorites broken down by genre, contemporary vs. classic, current vs. all-time, etc. There are some authors that I name more often than others, but I don’t think I could ever name one author as my overall favorite. Because I enjoy them all for different reasons. So today, I thought I’d share five of my current favorites and give you a few reasons why I can’t get enough of their work!

  1. Adam Silvera – Adam Silvera knows how to mess with my emotions; I mean, his third book, which is set to be published later this year, is titled They Both Die at the End. Just the title has me worried, but I’m also really looking forward to reading the story. Silvera writes with a passion that practically oozes off the page, and he is one of the few authors of YA contemporary novels that I truly enjoy.
  2. Louise O’Neill – Louise O’Neill speaks to my inner feminist. Her two books, Only Ever Yours and Asking For It, left me angry, sad, and wanting to change the world.  She’s not afraid to shy away from socially taboo subjects (e.g., rape culture), and I’m all for authors like her bringing these issues to the forefront. Her book recommendations are also always on point. I follow her on social media and every once in a while she’ll talk about the book she’s currently reading; I’ve picked up a few of them and have yet to be disappointed!
  3. James Rollins – I was introduced to James Rollins’s Sigma Force series in November of 2016, and since then, I’ve read the first eight novels and two novellas in the series. The thirteenth book is set to be published in December, and I’ve been trying to pace myself, otherwise I’d probably be caught up by now. He always manages to come up with the most intriguing plots, using real historic or scientific findings that leave me questioning everything I thought I knew until the very end of the book.
  4. Leigh Bardugo – I’ll admit, I was late in joining the Leigh Bardugo fan club. I first read Six of Crows at the beginning of this year, shortly before it’s sequel Crooked Kingdom was published. But this is one of those instances where the phrase “better late than never” fits perfectly. Bardugo’s cast of misfits are perfectly crafted in this duology, and her ability to give each of them a unique voice as they narrate their part of the story is something that most authors would struggle with but Bardugo handles flawlessly.  I can’t wait to get my hands on the Grisha Trilogy to read Bardugo’s earlier work!
  5. Philippa Gregory – When I was in high school, I went through a phase where all I read was historical fiction based in England between the mid-fifteenth century and early seventeenth century. I was particularly fascinated by Tudor England, and Philippa Gregory just happened to have written a few novels featuring the Tudor Court. Recently, a colleague of mine started reading The White Princess because she wanted to watch the Starz mini-series, but she didn’t know anything about the time period. And after giving her a number of history lessons (mostly focused on the Lancaster and York family trees), I decided I might as well read the novel (my colleague had a lot of questions). After reading the entire book in just a few days, I remembered how much I loved reading historical fiction and how wonderful Gregory was at writing it. I’ve already started another of her books, and I’m planning which one I want to read next!

I could go on and on with this list, but Friday’s topic is “Five on Fridays,” so that’s it for my list, for right now. I’ll probably do another one in a few months because my “current favorites” are bound to change as time goes on!

Who are some of your favorite authors?


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