Bookworm Problems: Library Limitations

IMG_20170326_130303_990The library is normally such an amazing place. I’d probably put it on my top ten list of places to be. But, recently, my library and I haven’t been getting along. Which is not cool, since I’ve been trying to utilize the library more often these days. [Quick explanation: for financial reasons, I am trying to cut back on the number of books I buy (y’all know it can be an expensive habit), and I don’t want to illegally download books, so the library is practically my only real option for reading books I don’t already own.]

Anyway, back to my library issue…about six months ago, I started a book series in which there are currently twelve published novels. Until I hit book seven, things were great. I’d check out the e-book on Overdrive (or place a hold and wait for my turn with the book), and then happily spend the next few days reading. But then, after finishing the sixth e-book, I went to check out e-book number seven and realized that my library did not have a copy of the book. I would’ve been okay if there was a hold placed on the book, and I had to wait a couple weeks to check it out, but there was nothing. Not one copy. I even checked my local branch, and they didn’t have a physical copy either. Skip forward two books, and the library has the remainder of the series. It just doesn’t have books seven and eight. So frustrating! I did recommend that my library purchase both books so that they had the complete series, but in the mean time, I had to find another way to read the books, preferably one that didn’t cost money. Thankfully, my friend’s library had available copies of the e-books, and she gave me her Overdrive password so that I could check out the two missing books through her library.

But then, I hit a reading slump with the above-mentioned series, so I thought I’d switch things up and start a (much shorter) series that I’d seen recommended on Bookstagram. I was in the mood to read the physical copies, so I went to my local library, and quickly found books two and three in the series. Not seeing the first book, I went to the nearest computer to search the book catalog, and what did I find? My library doesn’t own a copy of the first book in this trilogy. Only the last two. Why? My first thought was that maybe they had an e-book version. But I was wrong. Thankfully, a different friend had purchased the e-book on Amazon, and it was a book that you could lend to others (such a great feature on Amazon, and I wish it worked for all Kindle books), so I read the e-book version of the first novel and checked out the remaining two from my library.

I know that libraries don’t own every book ever. There are many reasons that libraries do or don’t carry certain books. But, if you’re going to include most of the books in a series in your inventory, it seems logical to have all of them. And with the e-book versions, the library can’t even try to claim that they once had the book but someone failed to return it because that shit is automatic.

I guess it’s a good thing I have friends who love to read as much as I do; otherwise, these library limitations would have cost me (literally)!


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