Books & Candles

If you catch me at home with a book in hand, you are likely to find a lit candle on the nearest flat surface. I love burning candles when I read, especially when I can find a scent that complements the mood or setting of the story. It really elevates the experience (and I find it quite relaxing!). For a long time, I bought traditional candles (you know, the ones with titles like Spring Garden, Love in Paris, Lavender Linens, etc.), but that all changed the day I found book-themed candles. Creative minds from all sorts of fandoms have created the perfect scent to match the plots and characters from so many beloved novels (and even some movies & tv shows). So no matter if your exploring Middle Earth, dancing the night away under a star-filled sky, searching through dusty tomes for the perfect spell, or gathering forces to overthrow an evil empire, there’s a candle out there that will help your imagination run wild!

In the picture below, you can see a sampling of the candles I am currently hoarding in my apartment. And, yes, I do actually burn them all…but not all at once)!


Do you burn candles when you read? Any scent in particular or just whatever you have lying around???